Monday, October 24, 2005

The Tiny - Big music

The Tiny is my favorite band I've recently discovered. I say this about once a year (1 Mile North was the last winner). I am tending to lean more and more to 'post-rock', but the more orchestral and less dissident versions of 'post-rock'. The beauty that can be found in combining the sonic masterpiece which is classic music with rock has just begun, and is something to behold in its fledgling state. Oddly enough, the Tiny barely fit into this category. They don't have enough guitar to fit into the 'traditional' idea of post rock (when did the stupid term post-rock get to be traditional...?). Instead, this 'tiny' trio consists of a cello, an upright double bass, and the haunting vocalist on the piano.

I guess the best way to describe this band is to put Portishead's general sonic landscape in a blender with Sigur Ros' mastery of sound and Bjork's 'the world is dying but that's no reason not to be happy' attitude. They haunt my mind, and I can't listen to them enough. I HIGHLY anticipate the next time they tour through the US, and if you have any info on when this will happen PLEASE post a comment.

Thanks goes to Paul Irish over at Aurgasm for introducing me to the Tiny and supplying the link for Closer I have listed below. Thanks to the Tiny for the Christmas version of No Money. Merry early Christmas everyone!

The Tiny - Closer

The Tiny - No Money (Christmas Version)

(Coming tomorrow - a review of a WHOLE album - or How I learned to stop worrying and love Blockhead)

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