Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gorillaz - The Fall

Oh my. Gorillaz has a new album this soon after plastic beach? And it is wonderful and totally different from plastic beach? Yes, yes. I just listened to the album for the first time, and it's incredible. This album makes me relaxed and happily melancholy. Tomorrow I'm going to try to listen to some Deadmau5. The very little I've heard is amazing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Requiem For A Dream

Kronos Quartet plays the music in this movie. It is haunting and beautiful. I listened to the main theme while reading the end of Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End. It was sublime.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Dj Food (Really

I saw a show at the old higher ground at Winooski on November 10th but I'm trying to figure out what year. While I was looking for it I came across Totally off subject but amazing, Eventful has one of the greatest music revolutionizing ideas I have seen. This NEEDS to be linked to facebook. The basic idea is that you 'demand' a band come to your area and you try to get as many people to demand the band in that area as possible. The places with more demand will get the shows. I don't know if this is included, but it should include the option to state the past prices you'd paid to see this performance and what you'd expect to pay for a show in your area.

Photo of my Beautiful advertising artwork from the show coming soon,
as well as the year and a description of what I remember about the show

probably more about later.

New unofficial name

  • So I'm going to try go back to writing this thing. I'd like to think I know a bit about music, and that is why I think it may be worth while for me to talk about it. I love music. If I'm going to be good at writing about something it would probably be music. So the new unofficial name of sonicterra will now be 'derek writes about music' because that's all this is. It can be a practice ground for my writing. If I just say something small but insightful about something I'm listening to or thinking about relating to music on a consistent basis I may very well stumble upon something interesting and improve my writing at the same time. Because I'd like to think that if honed, writing could elegantly translate the thoughts in my head. Only time will tell.