Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Cranes - Beauty is haunting

So I came across the fact that this band had toured with the Cure recently. Anyone that Robert Smith picks to open for him is worth looking into. And this band definitely is. They've been around for a while (they've released 6 albums), but they are an independent band and rarely cross the pond to do US tours.

The sounds are haunting. They seem soft and soothing, yet concurrently dark and ominous. The sonic imagery brings thoughts of Belly, Portishead, and Lamb to my mind. Far Away is a particularly amazing piece.

Like all other bands I will be promoting for the time being, they have the mp3 samples right own their own homepage. Thanks guys! Come to the US some time soon, I'd love to see the magic in concert.

The Cranes - Don't Wake Me Up

The Cranes - Shining Road

The Cranes - Tangled Up

The Cranes - Far Away (Live)

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