Thursday, October 13, 2005

Harvey Danger for President (of the RIAA)

So I'm still procrastinating on my original plan to start this blog with the center of my music collection. In fact, I've been totally dragging my feet on doing regular updates. Mostly, this has been due to the fact that ONLY 35 people have visited this blog since I started it. So in response to this, the new policy is that I will do a new post each time one of the two following scenarios happens:

1. I receive a comment on my post (advertising and SPAM do NOT count)

2. 10 or more unique people come to the page on one day. This has only happened once, on September 6th, and it was 20 unique visitors (more than half the total site traffic I have so far. I need to figure out the reason for the spike.)

So once I'm sure I'm not just posting for myself, I will either post a song or set of songs from the epicenter of my music collection (if I can ever figure out a good free server for mp3s) or I will do like today, and post something new and important.

Almost everyone in the nation knows Harvey Danger's breakout hit single (or one hit wonder), flagpole sitter. A great uptempo song with upbeat macabre lyrics and a penchant for insanity. It hit the airwaves in a big way in the late 90s, and managed to even break into just about all the various types of radio stations I listen to. The song was great, and despite the amazing amount of play time I never really got sick of it. Then they fell off my radar.

Now, they are back, robbing from the rich (the RIAA) and giving to the poor (the public) in hopes that the quality of their music will bring them in the front of public consciousness. And I think they just might succeed. Think of their music as similar to the Refreshments but with a darkness and occasionally sonic arcs that pull them into the territory of REM. They even occasionally throw in some politically charged lyrics. Enjoy their new album, direct from the source itself. I wish all bands were this cool.

Harvey Danger's new album, Little By Little

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