Friday, October 14, 2005

Blues Traveler - They have their moments

Blues Traveler has got to be the band that proved that the record industry can't keep a good band down. After years and years of touring and hundreds of shows, they finally hit the charts big with Run Around. The amazing thing about the band is that their best work came out in the days before they hit it big, working the grind of the road and the emotional turmoil of a man who grew up like so many of us, unpopular, picked on, and alone. Instead of a bunch of depressing and angry songs, his songs were of love, happiness, and the beautiful tragedy of life. John Popper (lead singer and harmonicist) was the ying to Kurt Kobain's yang. He was never given the looks, or the instant popularity, but he was given an amazing talent at the mouth harp, and prevailed despite the many obstacles our society gives to those that aren't deemed pretty or popular.

Travelers and Theives is one of the greatest albums of all times. I'll just leave it at that, if you disagree write me a comment. Four was a slight let down, but its what put the band on the charts. After Four was released, the band basked in the glory of their popularity. Then they faded away, with a lackluster album which several people I know contend they stole the title of from Percy Hill.

Now, John Popper has reinvented himself, lost weight (thank god, I was always worried for his health), and the band is definitely back on top of their game.

Many thanks go to Blues Traveler for making these WONDERFUL b-sides available on their website. And thanks to the 13 people who came to the site yesterday, proving I'm not just writing to myself.

Blues Traveler - The Path

Blues Traveler - 12 Swords

Blues Traveler - The Traveler Suite

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