Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I've been seeing a bunch of blogs with people rating what they thought were the best songs of 2000-2009. Is this the decade. Or is the decade actually 2001-2010 (I'm pretty sure it is). Despite the fact that this isn't the real end to the decade, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of commenting and judging some songs anyway. I haven't come across any lists that I came close to agreeing with. So here goes. We'll start with 50 and I'll likely hit about 200. This is going to initially be totally out of order, so don't gripe about the order until I finish entirely. And it will have links to all of the songs. And it will have photos for each song. So just be patient.

50. Jose Gonzalez - Love Will Tear Us Apart
49. Gary Jules - Mad World
48. Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire (I don't like the Kings of Leon, but this is a good song)
47. Regina Spektor - Time Is All Around
46. Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
45. Muse - Feeling Good
44. Dmite - Read A Book (Read a mutha f-ing book)
43. Knife - Heartbeats
42. Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
41. Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Ratatat Remix)
40. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
39. Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
38. Doves - There Goes The Fear
37. Coldplay - The Scientist (try to honestly admit you don't like this song. Even if you hate coldplay)
36. Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?
35. Tiny - Closer
34. Tenacious D - Tribute
33. Spoon - Don't Make Me A Target
32. Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates
31. Modest Mouse - The Ocean Breathes Salty Air
30. Modest Mouse - Float On
29. MIA - Paper Planes
28. MGMT - Kids
27. Jack White - Great High Mountain
26. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
25. Beck - Beautiful Way
24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
23. Unkle - In A State
22. Blockhead - You've Got Maelstrom
21. Beck - Girl
20... more coming soon

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