Friday, October 16, 2009

Best of 2009

So this blog is getting quite lazy. Do people blog anymore? Anyway, this is now just a best of page for music I've come across that I love. Facebook is now the thing, but maybe moving on to DeviantArt?

1. Regina Spektor - Far
2. The Slew (Kid Koala) - 100%
3. Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr. Boondigga And The Big BW
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Its Blitz
5. Muse - The Resistance
6. Moby - Wait For Me
7. Themselves - Crowndown
8. Phish - Joy
9. Time to come up with 2 more great albums from this year, though the 8 above are all killer AND aren't the only albums of the year I've heard...

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