Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daily Show, Canada!

"Let the man who makes the most mistakes, but repeats the least, learn the most."
I may very well be heading in the right direction.
When you seem fairly certain that the society in which you live in is heading in the wrong direction, how do you learn to cope with the knowledge and still function in that society?
-I think I've found that the only way to cope is to look at the beauty in the world, and hold hope in your heart, and search for solutions. We must at least try to move in the right direction, even if it does appear that we are living in the 'post' era.

I very much like that living in Stowe allows me to watch the Daily show on the hour three hours in a row starting at 11. I think I'll go watch the Canadian showing now.
-Damn, Alberto Gonzalez stepped down, and Jon Stewart played the clip where he spoke about his 'memories' of his time as an attorney general. This is just following Jon noting how his show has mad a amnesiac character out Gonzalez' repetition of "I Don't Recall"

The commercial for Resident Evil makes me think of the days when the movie will be released TO advertise for the video game, as they will be made on the same platform. Doesn't Final Fantasy kind of already do this?

Alan Greenspan just imparted a good deal of knowledge on the nation on the Daily Show. I love the way Jon framed him in the interview to ask the questions I'm often thinking of. I hope you were all watching. If not, got watch it on Onegoodmove.org

I love the new Foo Fighters album. I listen to it over and over. They have managed to make me have hope for Rock music, still, even on it's seeming deathbed. Maybe the few (Incubus, RATM, Foo) can hold the flag for the true Rock, the thing that looks to be only left to the realm of memories and the School Of Rock. More about the Foo later...

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