Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daily Show - Week of August 24th

photo by: Norman Jean Roy
photo by: Norman Jean Roy

The Daily show is on an absolute role, and Jon Stewart is at his best as Rob Riggle enters Iraq (For REAL) and shows footage of what many of the soldiers feel about some statements made in the political arena, and making a general jackass of himself in front of the soldiers (usually humorous).

The guest tonight (the 23rd of August 2007) was general (citation needed) Nigel who helped develop the US counter insurgency field manual. This document outlines the ways to try to be more effective in the current state of warfare we find ourselves in. Though the reasoning to begin the war was false, we still need an effective strategy to deal with the situation we are currently in. It was nice to see someone who is actively attempting to better the situation the soldiers are in. It is good to see someone taking the lives and welfare of the Iraqis as equally important, on both a humanitarian level and a logical level. The logic of the general was in such amazing juxtaposition of the amazingly ironic and invariably idiotic statements of the president. The day's moment of zen: "Can't you see the humor in that" of course I can't. It is so sad, you the president, can't see the humor in your statement on delusion (citation needed).

Jon's guest yesterday was Barak Obama. I am proud to say it seems in this early stage that Vermont is very much getting behind him. If he has to run on one thing, returning common sense and logic (and of course compassion) to the office of the president is a great thing to run on (watch the interview). It will help bring the many who believe there is no logic or compassion in the current state of American 'politics' (fear mongering). Obama was GREAT on the show, and I hope he is on as many chances as he gets. He was even funny. From yesterday's show, the true highlight was Jon going through the casual stages of American problems (self created) in the Middle East (and Afghanistan). Just in case you are reading this and didn't see the episode, news citation here. He went through the history of 'rescuing' the Middle East after the news that the US is giving Saudi Arabia, including when Dick Cheney said going into Iraq (original desert storm) would cause a quagmire. Very funny. Very not funny. SON OF A ..... WHAT THE F..... and we don't rescue ourselves...

What did Jon mean by 'midnight basketball?'?

-Brief political rant. Bread and Puppet: "We're all screwed" Hahahahaha...



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Ian Thal said...

What did Jon mean by 'midnight basketball?'?

He was proposing all the ways that "America [could come] to the rescue" domestically (after talking about the history of Middle Eastern policy) -- and since repairing bridges, and rebuilding after the Katrina disaster were not on order, he set his sights for something less ambitious, like midnight basketball.

I thought it was one of his most hilarious pieces in recent weeks.