Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jets Overhead - The bridges between you and me

Thank God (Jesus/Satan/Al Gore/Etc) for the Internet. Without it, I highly doubt I would have ever come across Jets Overhead (or the vast majority of the music I listen to now). Most recently, the internet was able to BRIDGE the gap between me and this wonderful Canadian band.

Jets Overhead have recently released their first full length studio album, Bridges, and let me be the first to guide your tired feet onto their causeway.

The sound of this band is not entirely progressive. They are somewhere in between Belly and Explosions in the Sky, and they wander through the this landscape with great success. Their post rock tendencies are what really bring this band forward for me. Basically, they have yet to amaze me, but have yet to disappoint. What I enjoy the most about this band is their consistency. Their entire catalogue is available from their website, and here you can see an obvious growth from the demos to the EP to Bridges, but in each step ALL of the songs are great. If the step up from the EP to Bridges is any indicator of where this band is heading, I'll follow their bridges where ever they build them.
I definitely recommend going to their site and downloading ALL of their songs, however I've included my three favorites from Bridges for your listening pleasure. As always, a big thank you goes out to the band for producing and providing these wonderful gems.

Jets Overhead - All The People
Jets Overhead - Bridges
Jets Overhead - No More Nothing

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H. said...

Hi. Somehow I found myself here via the Information Leafblower site. I like your posts. Your site feels friendly and knowledgeable and the few months worth of posts make it seem "manageable" somehow. Not oodles of backstory and attitude and internet arguments to contend with, just straight ahead thoughts and links to bands I might not know about otherwise.

I hope you keep it up. I know it's not that fun to write when you dont get feedback, but it's a chicken and the egg thing...The more you write and link, the more visitors will stop by and chime in.

At least that's what they say...

Good luck, anyway. You seem to know what you're talking about and that's a pretty cool thing to share with others.