Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ani Difranco - Punk folk music

So I've recently been on a hiatus... no biggie, I was having a hard time finding the mp3s I really wanted available from the artists OWN website. Well, I just came across a wonderful nugget from the self made woman herself, Ani Difranco.
Ani is the truly independent music producer, and walks the avenue few musicians have the guts or grit or luck to do by owning and running her own bootstrap record company (Frank Zappa is among the few others to have been successful in this avenue). Her output is inconsistent in style and in quality, but everything she does is 100% Ani. Her better output is among the best music EVER made.
I was very reluctant to get into Ani's music initially. Being labeled 'chick music' I was under the impression that it would be along the lilith fair crew sound and totally foreign to my male perspective on life (aka militant lesbian). However, I quickly came to realize that its a lot easier to write Tori Amos off into this field (though heterosexual) than Ani. Ani is BI-sexual (she dated many women and a few men before marrying her husband and pissing off the hypocritical portion of the gay and lesbian community). Due to this open outlook, the man hating seems to be more balanced with a general hate of all the evil PEOPLE of the world. Her battle songs are one part Bob Dylan, one part Saul Williams. Even her softer, happier stuff can be some of the most well crafted insightful songs you can come across.
Anyway, she's recently been on a more introspective and softer kick, but that doesn't mean she's put away the boxing gloves. When everyone else was laying down in the face of government pulling our rights away from us at the end of 2001, Ani was fighting back with songs like self evident. Enjoy, courtesy of Ms. Ani D.

Ani Difranco - Self Evident
2 Bonus songs from
Origami and Studying Stones (click on 'listen' to download the songs)

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