Thursday, August 18, 2005

First Post

I've been feeling as though I've been caught in a net in the river of life lately. I seem to be getting tossed around endlessly, without moving forward (or backward) in any real sense. In an attempt to break through this net, I have grabbed the one knife I have always been able to count on: music. This blog will be my sounding board for my thoughts on music. This will include music reviews in various forms, focusing at the beginning on the core of my music collection and slowly branching out to the new music I come across which I have deemed worthy of inclusion in my vast music collection.

This site plans to be not just an mp3 blog, but a companion to my music tastes... a source for you to hear my opinions and samples of the music I'm talking about. Eventually, this will be a daily source for music, but until I have high speed internet at home, I'll be posting when I get the chance.

This first post won't have any mp3s associated with it. All future posts will include at least one music sample of what I'm talking about (or a link to where you can get some). Before this can start, I need a good FREE mp3 hosting site. Direct links preferred, but I'll go with whatever I can. Thanks for listening, and come back when the fun starts ;-)

Please remember, all mp3s are provided for your TESTING purposes ONLY. If you like the song or album, buy the album, or go see the band in concert. If you don't support the good artists, the crap will continue to rise to the top. I have no ownership nor association with any linked pages or information contained beyond the pages of

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