Thursday, February 02, 2006

Parov Stelar - Makes stellar music

Marcus Furder (Parov Stelar) makes some great downtempo music. He's not afraid to chop up his smooth jazz tones and kicking drum beat with the occasional record scratch, all while never bringing it beyond the realm of the downtempo. Think of it as Groove Armada removed from the British electronica scene, or a jazzier version of Zero 7 without Sia's amazing vocals.

Marcus has released two albums under the moniker Parov Stelar (Rough Cuts, Seven and Storm). He heads up the label you will find his records on, Etage Noir, though there doesn't seem to be much output from the rest of the label roster outside of him.

What I find most amazing about this artist is the seeming contradictions in his music. It seems minimalist and simple, yet engaging and subtly complex. It doesn't fall into the droning monotony of many of the other artist who fall into the downtempo field. His music never seems anxious, yet never seems to stand still, once again drawing references in my mind to Zero 7. Anyway, sorry about being away for so long. I'll try to get myself back into this. Comments and page hits will always encourage.

Parov Stelar - Charade
Parov Stelar - Phong Temp
Parov Stelar - Wintersun

Parov Stelar - Seven And Storm
Parov Stelar - Rough Cuts

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